Omanye – The ohemaa collection

With joy and pride we present to you our first collection: Ohemaa.
Meaning Queen mother, Ohemaa is a traditional title that describes women of power in Afrika. Also known as the female ruler, community mother or female monarch. The Akan people in Ghana use the term Ohemaa to address these powerful women.
Another Ghanaian tradition that we’ve incorporated in our first collection is the use of a variety of Akan names. Depending on the day you are born into an Akan family, you receive a significant day name besides your family name. You’ll recognize the day names from Monday to Sunday: Adjoa – Abena – Ajua – Yaa – Afua – Ama – Akosua.
With this collection we want to remind you that the world needs your talent, creativity and beauty. Remember that you are a queen; You are Ohemaa.

Read more about the Ohemaa and the Akan day names in our blog.

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