the omanye story

Omanye founder, Danitzah Jacobs, was born on the Caribbean island of Curacao. She always loved fashion and often made sketches of dresses. In her early twenties, as part of her reconnection with her Afrikan identity, she visited Ghana for the first time. It was love at the first sight; the people, the landscapes, food, culture and FASHION blew her away.

For the past twenty years Danitzah has been known for her ‘addiction’ to Afrikan fashion. On her second visit to Ghana in 2019 she met Alfred & Afiya. Two amazing couturiers that made several made custom designs for her. Danitzah wanted to offer this magical service to others as well, so she partnered up with Alfred & Afiya to bring you Omanye.

Omanye means everything
that is excellently good.

 And that is how we feel about Afrika, the continent & the diaspora children of the motherland. We believe in stimulating reconnection through Afrikan fashion as we contribute to the renaissance of black cultures. We hope to do this by changing the narratives and reclaiming our power. As Beyonce said in Black is King; “They can never take away my power, my power.”

Omanye was founded from a deep love of Self to bring about excellent custom- and tailor-made designs from Ghanaian couturiers to you. We are convinced that Afrika doesn’t need charity, since it is Afrika that feeds the world. What Afrika does need is partnerships and that’s what we aim for. Every ten subscriptions provide employment for one local couturier who produces designs with love and exceptional craftmanship. 

Become a member of our Omanye family and partner with us as your Ghanaian custom- and tailor- made service, while supporting the local economy. We’ll provide you with an amazing design every month that you can wear with pride while looking excellently good. 

we tailor

you design

Enter your measurements, choose your design & select your print.

Our couturiers in Ghana tailor your designs.

Congratulations. You receive your very own Omanye design through our partners at DHL.